Special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics for GROW 2013

We would like to invite you to submit a paper for publication in a special issue of DAM

(Discrete Applied Mathematics) dedicated to the topics of the recent workshop held in Santorini, Greece on October 9-11, 2013: Sixth Workshop on Graph Classes, Optimization, and Width Parameters (GROW 2013).

The workshop was the most recent in the series initiated twelve years ago in Barcelona (Bellaterra) and continued in Prague in 2005, Eugene in 2007,  Bergen in 2019, and Daejeon in 2011. The first four meetings resulted in publication of special issues DAM 160(6), DAM 145(2), DAM 157(12), and DAM 158(7). The special issue of DAM dedicated to the fifth workshop is about to hit the presses and will appear in early 2014.

The authorship of papers submitted to this special issue is not limited to the participants of the Santorini workshop; this invitation is being sent to all those who were invited to the workshop. We hope to include other recent results in these research areas, as well. As it was the case of the previous issues, all submissions will be duly refereed with the usual high standards.

The submission deadline is March 1, 2014.

Please submit your paper through the web page:

If you have used this system before, you can use your existing login name and password for this submission; otherwise you will need to create an account.

After logging in, the first thing you are asked to do is to select an article type. Please be sure to select:
            "SI:DAM_GROW 2013 Santorini"
from the list that appears for "Choose an article type". And then follow the instructions on the following pages. Please do not forget to approve the pdf file that is created at the end of your session.

We are looking forward to receiving your paper! Please end us a brief message letting us know your intentions by mid January.

Best regards,

The Special Issue Editors:

Andrzej Proskurowski <andrzej@cs.uoregon.edu>
Dimitrios M. Thilikos  <sedthilk@thilikos.info>
Pinar Heggernes <Pinar.Heggernes@ii.uib.no>