Program of GROW 2013

Wednesday 09/10/13

08:30–08:45 Dimitrios M. Thilikos: Graph Classes, Optimization, and Width Parameters

Session 1. (Chair: Marek Cygan)

08:45–09:35 Andreas Brandstädt: On the complexity of some packing and covering problems in graphs and hypergraphs (Invited Talk)

09:35–09:55 Break

Session 2. (Chair: Marcin Pilipczuk)

09:55–09:20 Jiří Fiala: Locally constrained homomorphisms on graphs of bounded treewidth and bounded degree
10:20–10:45 Qianping Gu: Practical algorithms for branch-decompositions and grid-minors of planar graphs
10:45–11:10 Alexander Grigoriev: Bidimensionality on geometric intersection graphs

11:10–11:30 Break

Session 3. (Chair: Bart Jansen)

11:30–11:55 Stefan Szeider: A SAT Approach to Clique-Width
11:55–12:20 Martin  Milanič: Graphs of Power-Bounded Clique-Width
12:20–12:45 Vadim Lozin: Minimal classes of graphs of unbounded clique-width
12:45–13:10 Mamadou Kanté: On the linear rank-width of trees

13:30–14:30 Lunch

Session 4. (Chair: George Mertzios)

15:00–15:25 Bruno Courcelle: Graph algorithms based on infinite automata: logical descriptions and usable constructions
15:25–15:50 Michał  Pilipczuk: Topological problems on tournaments
15:50–16:15 Chun-Hung Liu: Structural theorems and well-quasi-ordering
16:15–16:40 Frédéric Havet: Finding a subdivision of a digraph

16:40–17:00 Break

17:00–18:25 Open problem Session

Thursday 10/10/13

09:00–13:10 Excursion

13:30–14:30 Lunch

Session 5. (Chair: Stefan Szeider)

15:00–15:50 Susanne Albers: Algorithms for Online Bipartite Matching (Invited Talk)

15:50–16:10 Break

Session 6. (Chair: Michał Pilipczuk)

16:10–16:35 Stavros Kolliopoulos: Integrality gaps for strengthened LP relaxations of Capacitated and Lower-Bounded Facility Location
16:35–17:00 Marek Cygan: Improved approximation for 3-dimensional matching via bounded pathwidth local search
17:00–17:25 Antonios Varvitsiotis: On the rank constrained Grothendieck constant of graphs and a new tree-width-like graph parameter

17:25–17:35 Short break

Session 7. (Chair: Yota Otachi)

17:35–18:00 Christophe Paul: Explicit Linear Kernels via Dynamic Programming
18:00–18:25 Robert Ganian: Meta-Kernelization with Structural Parameters

Friday 11/10/13

Session 8. (Chair: Jiří Fiala)

08:45–09:35 Saket Saurabh: Matroids, Randomness and FPT Algorithms (Invited Talk)

09:35–09:55 Break

Session 9. (Chair: Erik Jan van Leeuwen)

09:55–10:20 Leonidas Pitsoulis: Decomposition of Binary Signed-Graphic Matroids
10:20–10:45 Marcin  Pilipczuk: The planar directed k-Vertex Disjoint Paths problem is fixed-parameter tractable
10:45–11:10 M S  Ramanujan: Cuts on Skew-Symmetric Graphs and Linear Time FPT algorithms
11:10–11:45 Nicolas Trotignon: The stable set problem is FPT in bull-free graphs

11:45–11:55 Break

Session 10. (Chair: Daniel Paulusma)

11:55–12:20 Ingo Schiermeyer: Rainbow connection and forbidden subgraphs
12:20–12:45 George  Mertzios: The Recognition of Simple-Triangle Graphs and of Linear-Interval Orders is Polynomial
12:45–13:10 Daniel Lokshtanov: Independent Set in P5-Free Graphs in Polynomial Time

13:30–14:30 Lunch

Session 11. (Chair: Christophe Paul)

15:00–15:25 Michel Habib: Graph Searches and cocomparability graphs
15:25–15:50 Nicola  Santoro: Graph Search with Immunity
15:50 End of GROW 2013